Hockey Concentration

What is Hockey Concentration? It is a hockey program designed to give any student who plays hockey in organized leagues the opportunity to get involved in school athletics. We strongly believe in school athletics as being an integral part of high school life. After all these are the memories that will last a lifetime! 

The Local Blue and Gold Hockey Program offers high performing hockey players the opportunity to focus on developing their hockey skills and potential while maintaining a high academic astandard. Under the direction of Mr. Michael Cucinotta (Assistant Coach with the McGill Hockey Team), students train, practice and compete 4 days per week during on-ice and off-ice sessions. Students follow the same schedule as Sport0É students and thus benefit from the same academic support as Sport-Études students.

These student-athletes are subject to the same standards and procedures for evaluation as all other students. As they are expected to complete the regular curriculum in an eccaelerated mode, our Blue & Gold students enjoy similar privileges as the Sport-Études students, but compete for their school rather than their federation.

The Program

The students have their phys. Ed classes replaced by hockey (on ice and off ice training). On a 9 day cycle students would have a minimum of 2 on ice practices. The remainder of the classes would consist of off ice conditioning and other skill development.

In conclusion, the hockey concentration program will bolster a sense of school pride and self-confidence. Likewise, it will broaden your child’s horizons permitting them to meet students across the RSEQ

An explanation of the differences between all three of the hockey programs at LJA can be found HERE