Hockey Concentration

What is Hockey Concentration? It is a hockey program designed to give any student who plays hockey in organized leagues the opportunity to get involved in school athletics. We strongly believe in school athletics as being an integral part of high school life. After all these are the memories that will last a lifetime! 

Representing our school with pride is not only gratifying, but also a big part of making a well-rounded student. We believe that academics and sports go hand in hand.  I play the role of both science teacher and hockey coach; bridging the gap between academics and athletics. In my experiences over the past 8 years, my teams have always had fun and looked forward to competing against other schools. 

I believe in developing hockey skills and sportsmanship through camaraderie and teamwork. We also receive support from a well-known hockey player, Bobby Dollas. 

Mr. Dollas has been part of our program for the last 4 years and has been an in integral part in developing better hockey players. His experiences as a professional and skill set as a teacher of the sport have always shown significant improvement in the skill development of our students. 

The Program

The students have their phys. Ed classes replaced by hockey (on ice and off ice training). On a 9 day cycle students would have a minimum of 2 on ice practices. The remainder of the classes would consist of off ice conditioning and other skill development.

In conclusion, the hockey concentration program will bolster a sense of school pride and self-confidence. Likewise, it will broaden your child’s horizons permitting them to meet students across the RSEQ