Learning From Home

The team at LJA is prepared to offer our students the opportunity to consolidate and further their essential learning. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify the details:

From now until May 19th, teachers will continue to reach out to their students. By May 19th, all teachers will be following our regular day 1 through 9 cycle and as per the schedule below, May 19th is a Day 3. Please note that some teachers may be advising your child(ren) that they will be commencing on May 11th, to help facilitate the transition of the new schedule.

 9:00 – Period 1
 10:00 – Period 2
 11:00 – Period 3
 1:00 – Period 4

The last day of classes will be June 23rd. A May/June calendar indicating cycle days will be emailed shortly. Attendance at these online classes is highly recommended. School teams will follow up on student presence.

SWLSB high schools will continue to offer your child support focusing on the essential learning in ALL subjects through an online communication platform as per the student’s schedule. It is recommended that students complete and submit the tasks assigned by their teachers. Although we have not received directives from the ministry about the final reporting, all work submitted has the potential to improve your child’s results. This is particularly important if your child was performing at a level below passing in any subject, as these tasks will be judged by the teacher and will possibly have a favorable impact on your child’s final grade.

Please note that grades will not be assigned to the individual tasks, but teachers will provide feedback to the students and guide them towards improving their results. School teams will follow up with at-risk students and their parent/guardians on their participation in the process until the end of the school year.

Regarding the Ministry of Education’s resources, the Toolkit and the Open School website will continue to be updated on a weekly basis. Télé-Québec will also continue broadcasting its special programming online and on television.

As always, parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher via email for any questions or concerns about the assigned tasks. Teachers’ emails are available on the school’s website.
If your child requires a loan of equipment in order to participate in this process, please contact the grade-level vice-principal: Mr. Liakopoulos (Sec. 1) and Mrs. Skoufaras (Sec. 2). As this is a new way of working for everyone, your patience and collaboration is appreciated.

The staff at LJA are encouraged to mostly work from home, but office hours will be maintained, and we encourage parents to reach out to the administration or secretarial staff via email between 8:00 and 3:00. These are uncharted waters and together we will learn to navigate through them in the best interests of our students.

We have created a weekly planner for you to print at home with new times to help students adjust to their new "learning from home" schedule. To help you keep track of the online meetings with your child's teachers, we encourage you to write down the meeting IDs and passwords provided by the teacher for the specific period and dates. For example, if Ms. Petrella sends you different meeting IDs for the meetings times with her this week, write them all down on your weekly planner, so that you will not have to go back into your inbox to find the email with the information on the day of the lesson. We understand that you are receiving many different emails. This planner was designed to help us all stay organized, together. 

Weekly Planner : May 19 - June 23


From the ministry :

Together, We Continue to Learn! or in French  Ensemble, on continue d'apprendre!