General Program

​The LJA general education program directly reflects our vision of offering a high-quality educational pathway that meets all students' needs while at the same time encouraging students to reach their highest potential. We pride ourselves on offering students challenging experiences that will help them develop the skills and competencies needed for them to succeed as lifelong-learners.

French Immersion

​The French Immersion pathway offers students an oppurtunity to increase the number of courses taken in French with the primary focus being an increased exposure to reading, writing and oral communication. LJA French Immersion students will take French (Français or Français enrichi), histoire et geographie, musique and education physique for a total of 50% of their course load.

French Plus

​In addition to taking French (Français or Français enrichi), students in this pathway may add an additonal course taught in French to their course load: histoire et geographie. This is an excellent way to add more exposure to the French language without having to commit to a full immersion program.