General Program

​The LJA general education program directly reflects our vision of offering a high-quality educational pathway that meets all students' needs while at the same time encouraging students to reach their highest potential. We pride ourselves on offering students challenging experiences that will help them develop the skills and competencies needed for them to succeed as lifelong-learners.

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Academic Consolidation (AC) Program

Consolidation of CORE courses (Math, English, Social Studies, French, Science) for students working one or two years below grade level.


Course Outlines

Click on each subject / grade to see the outlines for that course.


Art - Sec. 1 Outline

Art - Sec. 2 Outline

Drama - Sec. 1 Outline

Drama - Sec. 2 Outline

English - Sec. 1 Outline

English - Sec. 2 Outline

Ethics & Religious Culture - Sec. 1 Outline

Ethics & Religious Culture - Sec. 2 Outline

Français - Sec. 1 and Sec. 2 Outlines

Français - AC Outline

Mathematics - Sec. 1 Outline

Mathematics - Sec. 2 Outline

Mathematics - AC Outline


Physical Education - Sec. 1 and Sec. 2 Outlines

Science - Sec. 1 Outline

Science - Sec. 2 Outline

Science - AC Outline

Science Concentration Outline

Social Studies - Geography - Sec. 1 Outline

Social Studies - History - Sec. 2 Outline

Social Studies - History - AC Outline