Academic Consolidation

Academic Consolidation (AC) Program

The goal of the Academic Consolidation (AC) Program is to give students a stronger academic foundation as they move into the high school environment. Year one of Academic Consolidation addresses aspects of the elementary curriculum that students have not yet mastered. In order to provide this support, there is a 3-year allowance to build a stronger academic foundation so that students can complete Cycle One of the Secondary program. Emphasis is placed on encouraging and supporting learning through an adult mentoring program, ongoing monitoring of each student’s progress, and meeting the student’s individual needs according to their Individual Education Plan (IEP). Ultimately, students in this program receive more individual attention due to a smaller class size and they benefit from mentoring in English Language Arts during this consolidation period. 

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For more information on the Academic Consolidation program, please contact the vice-principal in-charge, Gloria Cuccarolo