Sports Teams & Clubs

 Ball Hockey is played indoors with hockey sticks and nets, but using a ball instead of a puck.


We have two Boys basketball teams in Division 4, and one Girls team in Division 4.


 We have both outdoor soccer in the fall, and indoor soccer (futsal), in the winter/spring, with a boys team and girls team for each.


 During the winter, there is a ski / snowboarding club. 


Laval Junior Academy has an outstanding track & field team. Last year alone, Laval Junior and Senior Academy (combined boys and girls team), came through with a whopping 117 medals in every single event such as sprints, long distance running, relays, jumps and all throwing events. Any student can train once or twice a week after school with Coach Ricci, Coach Petrella, and Coach Leblanc. Every year, our student-athletes come together, work hard on improving their individual abilities, and go to competition proud to represent their school. Official tryouts take place closer to the date of competition. The indoor competition takes place in February and the outdoor competition takes place in May. Students are charged a fee for transportation and registration.


Students who wish to play football should contact Laval Senior Academy for more information.