Dress Code



Solid white or black collared top (may be accompanied by a solid black or white cardigan, vest, or sweater). Students may also wear school-issued clothing.

*** The physical education uniform is not considered "school-issued clothing", and is only to be worn in the gymnasiums.


Solid black pants, track pants (with or without white stripes only), jeans (not faded), capri pants, bermuda shorts, skirts.

Solid black tights or jeggins may be worn with a LONG collared top, covering front and back.


The following will not be permitted :

  • t-shirts not issued by the school
  • hats and caps worn indoors
  • logos / writing with vulgar, racial or political slurs
  • logos / writing larger than a two-dollar coin
  • low-cut tops
  • bare-back tops
  • bare midriff
  • sleeveless tops / spaghetti strap camisoles
  • hoods covering the head
  • scarves (unless worn for religious reasons)
  • oversized / undersized clothing
  • blue jeans
  • short shorts
  • short (mini) skirts
  • visible undergarments
  • torn or ripped clothing
  • revealing or transparent leggings / tights / tight clothing
  • pants worn below the waist level
  • rubber hands tying shirts at waist behind one's back
  • flip-flops



  • All students must wear a school-issued t-shirt and shorts or track pants with appropriate running shoes. 
  • Please note a School Physical Education Uniform is given to all Secondary 1 students at the beginning of the school year and charged in school fees. 
  • Secondary 2 students may use last year’s uniform or have the possibility to purchase a new uniform at a reasonable price.
  • On dress-down days, students are required to wear their gym uniform during their Phys. Ed. period.