I Can Be & LJA Ambassadors

LJA Alumni - I Can. Be. Banners

Laval Junior Academy is proud to celebrate the success of its students, both present and past.  Our alumni have ventured forth onto various paths and contributed towards the improvement and diversity of our community, our country and internationally.  We believe that each of our students has inherent skills and talents to succeed in their chosen field.

We are proud to celebrate the achievements and contributions of our alumni with the I Can. Be. initiative.  Each student who enters Laval Junior Academy Can Be successful and Can Be an inspiration for future students.

Each of the banners on this webpage hangs proudly in the community hall of our school. Learn about some of our alumni by clicking on their name.


Balais, Stefany (new)

Biard, Sean (new)

Bouabdellah, Amin

Cammisano, Vincent

Caruana, Gabrielle

Di Sano - Chelsea (new)

Di Sano, Tamara

Diamantopoulos, Lucas (new)

Katerinakis, Alex

Lal, Puja

Lantin, Marie-France

Marinos, John

Mason, William

Mazzonna, Selena (new)

Monastiriakos, George

Moullas, Ricardo

Nikoloudakis, Theodora (new)

Papadopoulos, Marilena

Rozakis, Paul

Scalzo, Sebastiano

Siciliani, Elizabeth (new)

Tutino, Kayla

Tzemenakis, Andrew

Villeneuve, Jessica (new)

You, Eunice (new)

Zipagnan, Lea



LJA Ambassadors

Our Laval Junior Academy Ambassadors are influential people from within our community or beyond who endorse our school and its mission.  LJA Ambassadors have either contributed to the success of our school or been involved in improving our school through their involvement and/or commitment to learning. We are proud to have our Ambassadors’ banners displayed in our Community Hall alongside our I Can. Be. alumni as they represent the collaborative effort required to succeed within our school....

(banners to come)