Athletic Concentrations

Athletic Concentrations

Laval Junior Academy offers a vast and diversified physical education program. Parallel to this, LJA also offers sports concentration programs that allow students to benefit from specific content focused on the skill set of their choice.

The concentrations that are currently being offered include Soccer, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Leadership in Physical Education*.

A new sports concentration, these concentration programs offer students the opportunity to pursue their passion for 2 extra periods per cycle (compared to students in the regular program), which is equivalent to 5 periods of 75 minutes in a 9-day cycle. These programs also provide students with the opportunity to complete the regular or enriched academic program while benefiting from more time during the school day to focus on skill development in their chosen sport. Students benefit from outings related to their concentration and additional coaching. Many sports concentration students represent their school on any of the school’s competitive sports teams.  LJA has a rich history of championships as the Vipers compete in the various scholastic sports leagues in Laval, Montreal and the Laurentides-Lanaudiere regions. 

*NEW FOR 2024-2025 Volleyball Concentration Program!! 


Leadership in Physical Education Concentration Program

Changing the world one person at a time! Leadership is a unique sport concentration program that fosters autonomy, creativity, and organizational skills in order for students to become proficient leaders. Like the other concentrations, leadership is also 5 periods a cycle, however, this program does not only concentrate on ONE sport but on ALL sports, each of them promoting different aspects of leadership skills. Students will learn how to create and teach games, organize a grade 5-6 basketball tournament as well as learn first aid. Leadership also develops the aspects of team building which are reinforced with a remarkable leadership field trip at Arundel Nature and Science center. If you think you have what it takes to make positive change, tap into your fullest potential, all while playing a variety of different sports and games, this concentration may be for you. While Soccer, Ice Hockey, Basketball and Volleyball Concentrations provide students with an opportunity to learn and develop the fundamentals of their specific sport, the Leadership in Physical Education Concentration fosters autonomy, creativity and organizational skills in order for students to become proficient leaders.

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Soccer Concentration Program

Any student who has ever laced up their cleats for an LJA soccer team knows of our school’s rich sports history. Over the years, the Vipers have won numerous championships at both the competitive and recreational levels. LJA proudly fields up to 4 boys and girls soccer teams every year who compete against the best that the Greater Montreal Area has to offer. Our team of passionate coaches ensures that our student-athletes take to the pitch with pride, while managing their academics and being ambassadors for both our school and the beautiful game. Go Vipers Go!


Blue & Gold Hockey & Ice Hockey Concentration Program

What is Hockey Concentration? It is a hockey program designed to give any student who plays hockey in organized leagues the opportunity to get involved in school athletics. We strongly believe in school athletics as being an integral part of high school life. After all these are the memories that will last a lifetime! 

The Local Blue and Gold Hockey Program offers high performing hockey players the opportunity to focus on developing their hockey skills and potential while maintaining a high academic astandard. Under the direction of Mr. Michael Cucinotta (Assistant Coach with the McGill Hockey Team), students train, practice and compete 4 days per week during on-ice and off-ice sessions. Students follow the same schedule as Sport-Études students and thus benefit from the same academic support as Sport-Études students.

These student-athletes are subject to the same standards and procedures for evaluation as all other students. As they are expected to complete the regular curriculum in an accelerated mode, our Blue & Gold students enjoy similar privileges as the Sport-Études students, but compete for their school rather than their federation.

The students have their phys. Ed classes replaced by hockey (on ice and off ice training). On a 9 day cycle students would have a minimum of 2 on ice practices. The remainder of the classes would consist of off ice conditioning and other skill development.

In conclusion, the hockey concentration program will bolster a sense of school pride and self-confidence. Likewise, it will broaden your child’s horizons permitting them to meet students across the RSEQ.

Blue & Gold Hockey M15 2023-2024 Highlights :


Born for This


My Moment

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For more information about our hockey programs, click HERE for English, and ICI pour Français!


Basketball Concentration Program

Our Basketball Concentration course consists of learning and developing the fundamentals of basketball as well as offensive and defensive strategies. Sports Psychology is also taught to show student athletes the link between sports and a healthy lifestyle and attitude. We have field trips to enhance the learning experience. For example, we are planning a trip to a McGill Basketball game and tour of the sports facilities as well as the University. This will give the students an understanding that many careers and avenues can be presued within sports. In addition, many of the students in this concentration course end up playing on the LJA Basketball team in the Sports Laval (RSEQ) league. We are very proud of our students successes and growth.