Frequently Asked Questions

LJA Daily Schedule

What are the school hours?

                8:30am to 2:57pm


How many days in our cycle?

                LJA operates on a 9 day cycle, each day has four 75 minute periods

Lates and Absences

What if my child is late / has to sign in?

  • If your child is late, please contact the school at (450) 680-3044 ext. 1, or email
  • Please note that if students arrive at school after the 8:30am bell, with no parental communication, they will be marked as “unjustified late”
  • Parents will be sent an email if a child is late arriving to school, and also when a child is late to class.
  • Students who arrive late to school should come in the main doors at the front, and must physically sign in at the front office.


What if my child needs to sign out?

  • If you need to sign out a student, please contact the school at (450) 680-3044 ext. 1
  • The student needs to physically sign out at the front office, and once signed out should leave the building.

Cell Phones

When and where will students be allowed to use their phones?

                Students are allowed to use their cell phones outside at recess or lunch only.


What happens if my child’s phone is confiscated?

  • Parents will be notified each time a cell phone is confiscated from their child.
  • For first and second offenses, students may pick up their phones from the office at the end of the day.
  • If a student’s phone has been confiscated for the third time or more, parents or guardians must come to pick up the phones.


We highly recommend that students either leave their phones in their lockers, or do not bring them to school.

Responsibility of Valuables

What happens if a student loses something?

                LJA has a lost and found, and students should check there.


What happens if something is stolen?

                The school is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged valuables.

Dress Code

Does LJA have a uniform?

                No, LJA has a colour code.


What is the LJA dress code?


  • Solid white collared shirt
  • Solid black collared shirt
  • School issued clothing
  • Students may also wear a plain white or black cardigan, vest, or sweater over their collared shirt


  • Solid black pants, jeans, Bermuda shorts, skirts or track pants (track pants may include white stripes)


  • black track pants or Bermuda shorts
  • running shoes
  • Students are issued a red physical education t-shirt in sec. 1 which is to be worn during the physical education classes
  • it is recommended that students have a drawstring backpack to transport their belongings to and from the gyms


What happens if a student has lost their phys. ed. shirt?

                Students can purchase a new red t-shirt at school.


Dress Code No-Nos

  • No undergarments should show at any time
  • Revealing leggings / tights / tight clothing are not permitted
  • The midriff should be covered at all times
  • Short shorts and short skirts are not permitted
  • No baseball caps / hats / beanies are permitted indoors
  • No outdoor clothing (school bags, coats and winter boots) are permitted in the classrooms
  • No inappropriate insignias

STL & Opus Cards

How much is a monthly pass?

                A monthly STL pass costs $17.40


Where can we get an STL pass?

Students must take their picture for the OPUS either at Montmorency or Cartier metro stations. You must present a valid Medicare card and the OPUS application form.


How do I get in touch with STL?

                Laval Transit’s phone number is (450) 688-6520, or you can use their website at


Does my child have to share a locker?

                No, all students have their own locker.


What about locks?

                All students are provided with a combination lock by the school, and should not disclose

                their locker combination to anyone else.

Staying Informed

What is Mozaik?

                Mozaik is a portal for parents to access their child’s schedules, report cards, and account statements.


Does LJA have a newsletter?

                Yes! LJA’s newsletter usually goes out at the end of the month with information about upcoming and completed events.


What about social media?

                LJA has a Facebook page for both the school and our library.


What about a website?

                Trick question, you’re already on it! Thanks for visiting us!