Cafeteria Services

To simplify your transactions for your children’s meals, Aramark introduces a brand-new exclusive service : the “Carte Resto” associated with the transactional website

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Designed specifically to respond to the needs of the clientele in secondary schools in Quebec, this service offers you and your child numerous advantages.

  1. Prepaid Carte Resto through the new online payment website
  2. No more need to give your child cash for meals
  3. Refill the account and check on card use on the website
  4. Verifiable balance at all times on the website
  5. Flexibility in meal choices compared to meal cards limited to the meal of the day.
  6. Avoid meals outside of school and possibly junk food
  7. Be the first to find out about new items and exclusives


Simple to use in just a few steps:

  1. Your child requests a “Carte Resto” at the cafeteria
  2. Create your account on the website, and create a profile for each child. Fill the card using your credit card. (You create a profile for each child in a single account. Note that each parent can create an account for the same children.)
  3. Your child chooses meals at the cafeteria and pays with the Aramark “Carte Resto”
  4. You can see the transaction history on the website
  5. Refill the account with your credit card whenever you want!


Put away your cash! Aramark’s “Carte Resto” is now available at your cafeteria. Ask for yours now at the cash and gain total freedom in your meal choices!


Students are also welcome to purchase individual items or meals from the cafeteria using money or debit cards.