Meet Enzo! 

You may see a lovely golden Labrador trotting along the halls. He is our school service dog, and his handler is Mme. Charron (French department). Please speak to her if you would like to use his services.
There's a new pup in school! 
Welcome Zack, our newest service dog in training.  He is being mentored by Enzo and two staff handlers.
Happy retirement to Wall-E, who was here for 5 years.


Our service dogs have been trained through Asista. A trained facility dog works with a specialised handler in their chosen field, building on canine-human partnerships. The facility dog has a set of skills and tasks aiding in intervention for their chosen professional practice. 

The Asista Mission is to provide and maintain a therapeutic relationship to help children and adults cope with mental health conditions through the use of service dogs. Moreover, their services aim to better integrate people into society.
For the Asista website, click HERE